interview  (February 2010) | Interview By: Jose Ho-Guanipa

  For anyone that doesn't believe hard work pays off, Noah Jones is there to prove them wrong. Grinding many years as an artist and paying his dues all across the country, Noah Jones is finally beginning to receive some of the recognition that he deserves for his lyrical prowess on the mic. We got to sit down with the artist as he fills us in on his debut album "The Incinerator".

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Interview was conducted in February 2010

Noah Jones // Video Interview // Dubcnn

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Dubcnn: Whatís up Dubcnn Iím here with Noah Jones. This is Jose whatís up?

Noah: Whatís goiní on wit it man?

Dubcnn: Not much man. So tell everyone where we are.

Noah: Weíre in Amiba Music. Sunset Blvd. in L.A., so shout out to the West Coast, and Dubcnn thanks for haviní me.

Dubcnn: : So you just released your LP man.

Noah: Yeah, Incerator.

Dubcnn: So whatís that process been like and whatís the outcome?

Noah: Itís been crazy man. It started off as just me trying to work with as many people as I could and it turned into a full blown distribution deal and distribution through Hoopla Universal, and itís been crazy. A lot of it was random, just linking up with some of the artists like Knoc-TurníAl. That was a completely random situation, I met him in a grocery store and 2 days later we was recording music together, it was crazy. Through Knoc-TurníAl I ended up linking up with K Young, YB The Rockstar, Crooked I. It is what is, so I just put everything together, then came out with Incerator, and there you have it.

Dubcnn: So whatís the main song that youíre trying to push right now off the album?

Noah: Iím not really too sure cause we have so many good records. We was thinking about pushing ďThe Streets Keep StarvingĒ with Nispey Hussle. ďI Get ItĒ with Glasses Malone is a crazy record, ďSo FreshĒ is also a crazy record so Iím not really too sure. So we just been throwin them out there to see what the audience likes.

Dubcnn: Right on. So your musicís been on Dubcnn for a while, but this is the first time weíve gotten an interview I think. Tell us your background cause youíre not from California originally.

Noah: Iím from New York originally. I moved to St. Louis for about 3 years from Ď94 to í97. I went back to New York for about a year and a half and then I came to California in 1999 and I was predominately stayin in Anaheim for about 9 years. Recently I moved to Riverside, so shout to the IE Riverside. Shout out to Orange County. I rep Orange County heavy, so thatís my thang.

Dubcnn: Alright so how did you get into the game?

Noah: I been doing music since I was 11 years old. So for a long long time. I have music in my blood, my father did music, I have cousins that do music. I donít know its part of my genetics I just had a way with words. So I just started putting songs together when I was 11 years old recording with a whole lot of different people and started taking it really really seriously when I moved to California.

Dubcnn: Alright, what other projects have you been involved in other than your solo stuff? You told me youíre headed to Canada really soon.

Noah: Yeah going to Canada, working on a project. Itís called Cinematic, which is an actual album. Itís produced completely by Canadians, and they alternate the producers. Weíre shooting the first video itís gonna be called ďAny Way You WantĒ produced by Quest of the Toy Box Crew, thatís the name of the squad. Working on an album with Knoc-TurníAl. Itís me, Knoc-TurníAl and his brother Jag. Iím featured on Jimi Kendrixís album, Iím featured on Knoc-TurníAlís album, Iím featured on Charlie Clipís mixtape from the Dipset. I just got so many different things, me and Jimi Kendrix are doing a whole album together. Sneak preview, me and Focus might be doing a whole project together too.

Dubcnn: Speaking on producers, who are some of the producers that you linked up with for the album, and just in general that youíre working with?

Noah: I got pretty much local producers except for a couple, like I got JImi Kendrix. He produced for Kay Slay, he did the Blockstars record, heís produced ďMy WayĒ for Jay-Z on the Blueprint 2. He produced for 50 Cent, so he got a record on there called ďRecessionĒ, and we got Focus who did a joint called ďG ShitĒ, and I got Kashmir Royale on there. I got DJ Nice on there. I got Quasi Win on there, mostly a couple of local cats. Give them some shine, just 2 big name producers.

Dubcnn: Alright so what should people expect from your LP music wise, style wise?

Noah: My albumís crazy, itís like a fusion of East Coast West Coast music, not only that I'm working very hard. Itís only the 2nd month of this year and I've already done over 20 records already so I'm going crazy when it some to the features recording, and Iím really really working hard, the music, the musicís gonna speak for itself.

Dubcnn: So howís the support been as far as other artists and just people on the west and everywhere else?

Noah: Itís been crazy. A lot of people have been wanting to work with me and its like just people from across the United States. I get emails and messages and text messages from all kinds of people, cause I put my number out there so anybody that wants to work with me they can just contact me directly and just hit me up and do music or whatever you wanna do. So the support is crazy especially the local support where Iím from itís just been nuts and the people back home in New York they really rootiní for me cause where Iím from not too many people have made it. So for me to be able to come out here to California in a whole different environment and a whole different situation in general with the gang violence and all that and for me to still be out here and workiní hard and succeed and itís been great, itís been fantastic.

Dubcnn: Ok since weíre in a record store right now tell us, this is the desert island question, if you could only bring 5 records with you what would they be?

Noah: 5 records. Slaughterhouse record, Iíd probably bring like 2 of 50 Centís records, his new one and his first one, thatís 3 right there right? Shit what else, Iíd probably bring the Drake ďSo Far GoneĒ with me. 5th record, 5th record, Iíll bring my record too, cause I gotta have some kind of history of my music too, which is a landmark for me, gotta whole lot of big name artists with the West Coast on it and Iím from the East Coast, so thatís crazy how that worked out.

Dubcnn: So now that the records out, whatís your next move? What are you gonna be doing other than just promoting the record?

Noah: Iím gonna do as many things as possible. Iím trying to get in film, whatever I can get my hands on actually. Whatever I can get my hands on trying to get into some video editing, movies, everything. I already engineer, I already do the recording aspect, so whatever the music leads me to.

Dubcnn: So let everyone know where we can find your record, where can we check you out online.

Noah: You can check me out, Noah Jones, which is basically just myspace.com/noahjones, twitter.com/noahjones714, you can call my cell phone number which is (714) 553-3112. Thatís my direct line Iíve had it for like 8 years you can call me there if you wanna chop it up. You can get my record ďThe InceratorĒ on amazon.com itunes.com. Itís all over the internet its killiní the internet. You know just hit me up weíll talk business, make it happen.

Part 2: Record Shopping With Noah Jones

Noah: Back once again in the CD section. We gonna go over a couple of these artists. Got your boy Plies right here, you know the realest, but if you ask 40 Glocc I guess heís not the realest cause he got ran into the bathroom with the jewelry, so heís not the realest. Ok letís see, who else we got, this is a West Coast legend, my hats off to DJ Quik. I came to a couple of your venues, those Quikís Groove concerts you have are the business my friend, Iíve been to like 3 of them. I give you a lot of respect. Letís see what we got here, you got your boy Raekwon. This right here is already a classic album, because he moved units without no real radio play, none of that shit so I gotta give Raekwon a whole lotta props. He still did numbers without the industry machine pushing his project. Big shout out to Raewkon. Ricky Ross, Ricky Ross, now why is this nigga still makiní music? I donít understand. What else we got, I see something else. Not even gonna lie this is one of my favorite albums, Rich Boy goes in. If yaíll havenít heard any of Rich Boyís music you need to pick it up. This album right here is crazy, you can listen to it from the the front all the way to the back. Big shout out to Rich Boy I really like the music, I really do. Throw Some Dís on That Bitch. Soulja Boy, thereís some controversy behind that.

(Picks up Timbalandís Shock Value 2) I havenít got the chance to really check this album out, but the couple of singles I heard so far off this record were crazy. The Joint with Drake is nuts. Yaíll know Drake is one of my favorite artists. The joint he got with Drake is crazy, ďSay SomethingĒ. Thatís what itís called, ďSay SomethingĒ. The joint with Justin Timberlake is good too. Timbaland always goes in; heís on some different vibe type of shit which I like. I think we need this type of music in hip-hop because itís completely different. Itís not the same exact type of stuff you know, itís different vibe, you might wanna pick that up too. Iím trying to find records that not everybodyís gonna talk about you know what I mean Iím trying to find something different. We all know (Picks up Tupacís All Eyez On Me) this is a classic record we already know, everybody talks about records like this, Iím trying to find something different. Mike Jones, whatís good man? Weíll give you some props just cause we got the same exact name and I like some of your music. What Iíd really like to do is one day I wanna do a big record with everybody that has the last name Jones. Nasir Jones, Mike Jones, Jim Jones, Noah Jones. I think that would be a crazy record, I think we should set that up. What else, what else, who else got a hot record, or a whack one?

Noah: You canít find an LL record, cause LL got like 30 of them. LL got like 30 records, so you canít pick which is the best LL record, cause they got a lot of them. You know what; I wonder do they have Big Daddy Kaneís record? Thatís what I wanna see, I wanna see a Big Daddy Kane record. Big shout out to Maino. I got a chance to open up for him. Hung out with him backstage in the Green Room at the Key Club. He heard me on the song I did onstage and he gave me props and he gave me his number, so I still gotta call you, my fault I been kinda busy. But big shout out to Maino heís a real cool dude, definitely one of the realest cats in the industry. Big shout out to Maino. (Picks up a Mac Dre album) Now everybody in the Bay knows who this man is right here, everybody in California knows who this man is right here. Rest in peace big homie, your music is timeless my friend, your legacy will live on. Letís see what else we got. Thereís gotta be something else. (Picks up Godís Stepson album) Fantastic producer, get familiar with this dudeís music, get familiar with this dude.(Skims through random albums, picks up Pete Rock & CL Smooth) One of the best old school albums of all time, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, you canít mention New York Hip Hop without mentioning these cats right here. Pete Rock and CL Smooth look them dudes up. Thatís pretty much it man, my little review on what I like, what I donít like. Just my opinion, donít take it personal, itís just how I feel. Some people may like my shit, some people may not like my shit. Itís just a matter of opinion. Itís not a fact just a matter of opinion. This your boy Noah Jones right here with Dubcnn, exclusive. Holla at your boy.

Noah Jones // Video Interview // Dubcnn

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