interviewA-WAX  (May 2011) | Interview By: Nima Etminan

Dubcnn hooked up with Bay Area rapper A-Wax, who recently released his latest street album "NFES Vol. 3". We speak about the project, working with Waka Flocka Flame and his relationship with Gucci Mane and Brick Squad. He also tells us about his upcoming solo album "Everybody Loves Me", his collaboration album with YG Hootie as well as his Pittsburgh collabo album.

Wax also touches on his feud with Husalah of the Mob Figaz and gives us a detailed breakdown of how the whole issue started, why it never will be resolved and why it is of no relevance to him anymore at this point.

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Interview was done in May 2010
Questions Asked By: Nima Etminan
Dubcnn Exclusive A-Wax
By: Nima Etminan

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Dubcnn: We're right here with A-Wax to talk about his new project "NFES Vol. 3". What's going on with you?

A-Wax: I'm good man, just over here enjoying this nice day out here in Cali, shopping and shit.

Dubcnn: Your project is called "Nightmare From Elm Street Vol. 3 - The Street Tape". For those who aren't familiar with the series, let us know why it's called that.

A-Wax: It's pretty self explanatory, I'm from a neighborhood called Elm Street Piru, so I'm just giving a shout out to my neighborhood on this street album. I've done a lot of albums for different reasons and purposes and this is my first project that I really dedicated to my neighborhood. I've done stuff for Pittsburgh and I always to stuff for my hood but I wanted to dedicate a whole project to us. That's basically what this is.

Dubcnn: What can your fans expect from Vol. 3 musically?

A-Wax: I've got a couple of features on there like Lil Flip, Waka Flocka Flame, Big Fase 100, YG Hootie from the Brick Squad, just different people that I mess with. You're gonna hear a little different flavor from them cause I tried to bring them our Cali flavor and have them do stuff they wouldn't typically do. It's a little different but I got them on some hood shit at the same time. It's just a Bay Area twist with a little bit of L.A. and Down South people on there.

Dubcnn: The first song on the project is a collaboration with Waka Flocka. How did you connect with him and what's the A-Wax/Brick Squad connection?

A-Wax: My homie Young Hootie, he's from Compton and has been running with the Brick Squad out in Atlanta for a while. I be out there too, so I be traveling with Hootie and it's a small world, we know a lot of the same people. So pretty much, that's how that happened. I've got a record that I'm working on with Hootie right now so it's got a Brick Squad feel to it and they're all gonna be featured on it.

Dubcnn: I heard you have a record with Gucci Mane that's for your upcoming album.

A-Wax: Yeah I've got two songs with Gucci, one for me and Hootie's project and one for my solo record. I'm working on those simultaneously right now. The Hootie cover will be done in a few days so that will be getting promoted any day now. My upcoming solo record "Everybody Loves Me", that's going to be my real album, that one is going through the big channels to try and give a real push.

Dubcnn: That was going to be my next question. You've been releasing mostly mixtapes and street albums but your official album is going to be "Everybody Loves Me"?

A-Wax: It's pretty much up in the air right now. The record with Gucci Mane is definitely on it. I've done songs with a lot of people like Too Short, Styles P but I don't know where I will be assigning those records yet so I don't want to say anything definite, but those are records that I have in the pipeline and they will be on one of the albums I'm working on now, either my solo, the one with Hootie or my Pittsburgh album with Chynk Show from the East Coast.

So with "Everybody Loves Me", as far as production it's going to be Jake One, Happy Perez, he's doing the bulk of the production, he does a lot of Slim Thug and Down South stuff. Then I got Phonix Beats, he works with Jadakiss and 50 Cent and people like that he's in 1500 Or Nothin'. I got Cardiac from the East Coast who did Lloyd Banks "Turn It Up".

So I've got all platinum credential producers on "Everybody Loves Me". I'm not working with no local people or nothing like that - nothing against local people, if anyone local had those credentials, I'd work more than happy to work with them too but those are the people that I have access to and that showed me love, so they're handling all the production on the record so far as of now.

"Everybody Loves Me" is probably 80-85% complete, just gotta get a couple of features and the last singles to top it off and then I'ma call that one a wrap too, which should be in about two or three weeks.

Dubcnn: Do you have an estimated timeframe when you're trying to release the album?

A-Wax: I would like to have it out late summer sometime but sometimes it takes longer with the kind of promotion I want with this album. So that release date is not realistic. It's also gonna be a little hard to go 4th quarter and compete with everybody, but I might just go 4th quarter this year or early next year right and release my group albums in the meanwhile.

Dubcnn: I know this is a question you get asked a lot and it's a tired topic, but I can't do an interview without asking you: Any update on the situation with you and Husalah of the Mob Figaz?

A-Wax: I mean… It's always going to be the same. He feels the same way and I feel the same way. A lot of the Mob Figaz don't necessarily have problems with me as much as the one guy, but I got people in jail who say it's a certain way so… They say the sky is blue so I'm listening to my people in jail who say the sky is blue. Hus wants me to think that the sky is red, I'm not going for that. It's whatever. My people say it's blue and it looks blue to me.

I tried to reach out and resolve it on a regular level cause my people in the feds got cell phones, you can explain paperwork discrepancies and change their mind. Like I'll give you the number to call but he ain't interested in clearing his name on no snitch shit to me, so ain't nothing to clear up with me and it ain't never gonna go away. We can't fistfight and make it stop. We could fistfight everyday for the rest our lives and it still don't change the fact that it's fuck him.

But I ain't on that page, that's just my personal opinion about somebody. At the end of the day I don't do business with that muthafucka, I don't see him in traffic or any parties. He do his shit I do my shit. If our paths cross, it will be what it will be, but ain't nobody looking for nobody. We have a lot of the same people like Mistah FAB is one of my peoples and he fucks with him and all that shit. So I ain't got no problems with none of them, like the rest of the Mob Figaz, I have no problems with them just because I got street issues with one of their guys with whom my people were doing time. It is what it is.

People are going to speculate and say it's this and it's that. People read his paperwork and some people misconstrued and think that my name is in there. My government name is Aaron Doptie for the record. The person who was in his paperwork is Aaron Pons. It's a different Aaron but a lot of people thought I'm that Aaron and shit and that I put him in jail or that I was involved with him going to jail.

But that wasn't true! He went to jail on some completely separate stuff and then years down the line, the feds had information that arrested my people that he knew. That's where all this stuff stems from, I tried to clean it up on the phone once, I tried to say "Hey man, let's talk on the phone. I'll put you on the line with the right people and if you clear your name I'll go out publicly and say that it was all bogus."

But he recorded the phone call and made a diss record out of it! Every avenue I took to try and clear his name just incase he could actually clarify some of this paperwork that makes him look bad, he didn't want to. He didn't seem interested. So I'm not interested now that he wants to talk or whatever the fuck. I don't give a fuck no more. Ain't nothing to talk about. If he wants to clear his name he can talk to my people in the feds. If they write me and reach out to me and say "We talked to him and it's all good." Then it's all good.

I've got pictures of my boy A-Wolf with Lil D on my studio on my wall. I know he talks about hanging with Lil D but I got pictures with my people and Lil D that I'll put anywhere, won't nobody care about that. He's trying to use that like that it's his G card. Lil D said he's staying out of it cause he don't know what the hell is going on. He don't know the dude good enough and dude is trying to use that like that's street pass.

Again, I'm doing good in life. He got his manager over there dissing me everyday on Twitter, but I ain't got no problems with nobody like that. I'm just getting money, I'm doing my rap music and rap is not the streets. People confuse those things, ain't nothing about the rap world like the street world.

Dubcnn: I appreciate you clearing that up. To end this on a positive note, what are your future goals for the next couple of years? I know you've been in the game for a minute putting out music, where would you like to see yourself within the next couple of years?

A-Wax: I wanna be in a position where I can help my partners that rode it out with me through my stint in the pen. I wanna help them out and help them get money any way it goes. I wanna make the lives of the people around me better and present opportunities to my homes and stuff. I don't want them shooting people out there for me, I would rather have them making money with me, shopping in the Gucci or Louis store or something.

I'm on some whole other stuff man, I'm having a good time on the East Coast or in L.A., in places that's worlds away from where I came from. I ain't around no drug dealing shit half the time man. I'm on some different shit, I'm getting paper, I'm around people with paper, my life has been very good to me. I've got it great, rap is good to me, life is good to me and God is great. All that.




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