interview BIG STUNTZ   (April 2006) | Written By: Rud

In early 2006 we premiered a new artist by the name of Big Stuntz out of Long Beach, CA. This solo artist was something different; something fresh, someone with the talent and most definitely the drive to add another dimension to the game.

Coming from the Northside of the LBC Big Stuntz, whose government name is Terrance K. Grayson, was born on May 27, 1980. His musical journey began at the tender age of nine when he learned how to play the drums - his love for hip-hop then spawned after hearing a mixtape featuring Kool G. Rap.

From there his love for the artform only increased and by Junior High School Big Stuntz had formed a group with partner and friend, THUMZ-UP. This group was known as The Odd and in 2000 they released an independent LP titled "The Odditorium" which by word of mouth and street buzz alone moved over 4000 units.

Since then Big Stuntz has performed in the company of such artists as Mista Cheeks, Avant, The Boo-Ya Tribe, Kurupt, Yukmouth & San Quinn as well as being honoured with having 3 songs featured on the soundtrack for the original TNT Movie "Bad Apple."

Following the success of his street mixtapes, "The Best of Plaid Series" - which were distributed all over California, as well as undertaking food drives in the local community he approached dubcnn with a view to showcasing his music - which we did, to an incredible response from our readers. Initially we released two original tracks which featured Jeez as well as a mixtape track with Nate Dogg which featured the beat and hook from Guerilla Black's debut album.

Big Stuntz - That's Gangsta (Feat. Jeez)
Big Stuntz - So Good, So Right (Feat. Jeez)
Big Stuntz - What You Gonna Do (Feat. Nate Dogg)

The response to this initial update was immense and the demand to hear more grew by the day - as such we got back at the 27 year old young and hungry MC for more music - a request to which he gladly obliged. We premiered 13 new tracks from him which included material from various mixtape's from the "Plaid" series as well as fresh new music from the Hustl'n Hard & Green Up Entertainment camps which included collaborations with label-mates Dangerous Goodz, Vee Tha Hustler and Roccett (Green Up Ent.) who is also buzzing in the streets with his mixtape's - an assured combination. Roccett, who recently signed with Young Jezzy/Corporate Thugs, is a fan of Big Stuntz' style and is supporting the project fully.

At the time of the update I explained that with such an abundance of new music I appreciated that people may not want to listen to it all however I was wrong, the majority of you did and again the response was overwhelming. The mix of subject matter, styles and blatant talent on the tracks was so evident that all who heard the music could easily find tracks that suited their tastes. We prompted people to download it and burn it, DJ's; download it and spin it, Radio; download it and play it and A&R's; download it and pay attention.

There is untapped talent waiting to get deals all over the westcoast, this is not a coast with no direction, no varying content and no talent; this is a coast aiming to escape the stigma of its past years and get its voice heard - so listen.

Big Stuntz - Shake That Sh*t
Big Stuntz - Body Hot</a>
Big Stuntz - Confess It All
Big Stuntz - Westside Story (Feat. 50 Cent & Dangerous Goodz)
Big Stuntz - Won't Stop
Big Stuntz - Drop It Like It's Hot (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
Big Stuntz - Hustler's Testimony (Feat. Jay-Z & Ludacris)
Big Stuntz - New West (Feat. Roccett)
Big Stuntz - What's My Name (Feat. Roccett & Vee Tha Hustler)
Big Stuntz - N*ggas Dont Want Beef (Feat. Roccett & Space Age)
Big Stuntz - The Hard Way (Feat. Roccett & Young Mansion)
Big Stuntz - I-15
Big Stuntz - Up Off The Wall

Fast forward 2 months and here we are in April and the time is now right to grant Big Stuntz this On The Come Up article - why? Because he truly is. Much has happened in recent months; he has been co-signed by DJ after DJ, been working on a new mixtape, performing all over California and now is aligning with a multi-platinum producer; Nottz. The same Nottz that worked on the Training Day Soundtrack; the academy award winning Denzel Washington movie, the same Nottz that has produced for 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, MOP, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Scarface and many more. In Nottz' own words: "he has an artist from Long Beach, CA, who is stupid hot"

With this alignment brings Big Stuntz the chance to feature at the Beat Society which Nottz did in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. which is coming to California later this year - 2006 looks like an incredible year for the artist we so recently broke to the world. The alignment is a non-exclusive Production Agreement which will see Big Stuntz on a Nottz produced single in this second quarter - expect that to be on dubcnn soon.

As if that was not enough Big Stuntz has taken the few tracks he and Roccett recorded to the next level and recorded a complete collaborative mixtape between the two camps entitled; "Green-Up & Hustl'n Hard" which will be out later this month in C.A & N.Y.

As we have said since day one with this artist, he his fresh and talented and not to be ignored; enjoy the music so far, show this page to all the people who doubt the New West Coast and stay tuned to dubcnn for more media and news from Big Stuntz and the talented Hustl'n Hard camp.

For those of you that want to hear more from Big Stuntz he is performing at the Annual Players Ball on April 30th - a Red Carpet Event - "Bossin Up Birthday Bash" the 6th Annual Ball at the; Legendary Patriotic Hall, 1816 South Figuero Street, Los Angeles. Everybody who arrives before 10:00PM will
only pay $10.00 and with a capacity of 4,000+ it will be an incredible atmosphere.

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